Overview of the BAF Alumni Network


The mission of the William Averette Anderson Fund (Bill Anderson Fund / BAF) Alumni Network is to ensure a continuum of support for historically underrepresented professionals in the field of disaster and hazard research and practice.

BAF Alumni Network Executive Board

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 – Fellowship and Mentorship

To provide a support network for BAF Alumni (and affiliated members, e.g. non-BAF Fellows, emergency management professionals, etc.) through fellowship activities with current and future BAF Fellows.

Goal 1 Objectives
Goal 2 – Funding and Professional Development

To provide BAF Alumni (and affiliated members) access to academic research funding opportunities.

Goal 2 Objectives
Goal 3 – Research Advancement and Sponsorship

To provide support and opportunities to advance and publicize research and publications of BAF Alumni and BAF Fellows.

Goal 3 Objectives
Goal 4 – Hazard and Disaster Community Support

To provide educational and professional support to the hazards and disaster community.

Goal 4 Objectives
Goal 5 – Mental and Cultural Awareness

To provide a venue for BAF Alumni and affiliated members to discuss and debrief on issues related to personal, professional and societal mental health and cultural issues.

Goal 5 Objectives